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Bilstein History

Bilstein founded in 1873. In 1954, the decision was reached at BILSTEIN to use their existing know-how to diversify still further into shock absorber technology. The aim was to overcome the physical disadvantages of conventional telescopic shock absorbers at the same time as making the dampers lighter and able to be fitted in any position.Even now, the introduction of the first mono tube gas pressure shock absorber in a production vehicle from Mercedes Benz AG in 1957 by what was then “Beschlag- und Wagenheber-Hersteller BILSTEIN” is seen as a major contribution to active vehicle safety.This is why car enthusiasts still associate high-tech suspension engineering, driving comfort and safety with the name BILSTEIN. To ensure that this stays the same in the future, BILSTEIN is now a 100 per cent subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG. The synergy effects resulting from the partnership and cooperation within the group will continue to produce innovations in the traditional BILSTEIN sense.

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