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The company was found in Thessaloniki (in the Finikas area), specializing in trading and repairing rubber tires. Its founder, Konstantinos ‘Kostas’ Karetsos, his proficience on the same area dating since 1970, was secured as an expert in the rubber tire business and trade. His strenuousness and vigor quickly elevated him as one of the most renowned businessmen.

1998 The demands of the profession, as well as the need for good, reliable and rapid services, led to the creation of a second store on the Asvestohori and Hortiatis intersection.
1994 The fast developing pace of the trade command the set-up of yet another –very modern– establishment, with a great capacity for serving a great number of vehicles. The third of the ‘Karetsos’ chain stores numbers 2’500 square feet and is in the area of Thermi.
1998 The spirit and the company activity enhances by exteriorizing the needs of the professional driver, starting the operating of the fourth store in the Kalohori-Diavata area.
2005 The competitive business environment, coupled with the necessity for expansion beyond the limited city borders, heads on to the creation of the fifth establishment, in the village Liti.
2007 The investment and complete provisioning of mobile working stations takes place, vastly improving the almost instant customer service.
2009 A 2’500 square foot establishment is constructed in an owned building site, replacing the Kalohori-Diavata store. A super modern place, it is one of the biggest and best outfitted installations in Greece, with ISO standards.
2010 The ‘Karetsos’ company, always aiming in fast and reliable services, ensuring road safety, proceeds in obtaining of ISO 9001 security protocol.

The company web-site gets remodeled and the new one starts operating within the first half of the year.

The superb outfitted establishments with state of the art machinery, allows the company to supply the best of services always, in any situation regarding tires, everywhere. The flawlessly trained personnel is ready to ensure yours and your car’s safety, partaking in seminars and continuing to be instructed on every new breakthrough in the rubber tire technology. The ‘Karetsos’ company, with eyes towards the future, listens to the needs of the trade, designs an effective growth developing through new investments and up-to-date machineries, and creates a trusting relationship with all partners and customers.

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